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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Zayn Malik

 Author's Note: Well we had to write about a truth or a lie, obviously I picked a truth. I feel like I always find a way to write about One Direction in some way. And I think that that's okay. You know? Zayn Malik.

You know, don’t ask me why I like Zayn Malik so much. I just, do. Once my cousin showed me a picture of them for the first time, of course she was Harry Styles obsessed, (Who isn’t?), but only one boy in that band caught my eye. That boy was Zayn. Zayn is the dark haired one with beautiful eyes. I think that is what caught my attention, his eyes. My eyes aren’t really a solid color, they are a hazel mix but, I wish they were just solid brown. But anyway, I started to listen to their music and realized that they are actually good. They aren’t just another boy band, they actually make good and quality music that is worth listening to. Now, I’m not the teenage girl type to get obsessed with boy bands but I got to say, One Direction took my breath away.

I know, I know, Zayn is 19. And it’s not like I will ever have a chance with him even if I were around his age but, I don’t care. It’s only 6 years right? (Yeah, I tried to pull that one on my parents, didn’t work) I just want to meet him, maybe just say hello? I don’t think he or anyone else in his band try to be the teenage boy heartthrob that all of the girls go crazy over. They are just them and people love them for that. Their voices and good looks are just a plus! I have tickets to their concert in July 2013 and I enter contests to meet them or get front row tickets pretty much every day. I just want to hang out with them or meet them at least. I just want him to know I exist.

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