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Monday, May 14, 2012

Exictment That Turns To Tragedy

Author's Note:  Just another horror story in my creative writing circle. It has the same characters that the one I posted in October of 2011 had but in a different setting and story line. Just a little something I typed up for the catagory of horror. Please enjoy. 
“I can’t wait!”, Addie says as we get out of the car. “Yeah, tell me about it, that car ride was so long!”, Tyler says as she gets out of the drivers seat. “Haha, I know! But it will all be worth it!”, Adam says as she walks out of the passanger’s seat. “Wait, why are there no cars here?”, Addie says as she looks around the empty parking lot. “They said it would be open today on their website.” Tyler says as she checks her phone. “Well, maybe just no ones here yet, which means short lines!”, Addie says as she runs to the counter. “Tickets please.”, the elder man says at the counter with a creepy grin on his face. “I’ve got them.”, Adam says as she hands the tickets to the man. “Hey, why is there no one here yet, the park opened an hour ago?”, Tyler says to the man. “More fun for you...”, the man says as he points to the gate. “Sounds good with me!”, Addie says as she runs and Adam and Tyler follow. As they enter, the gate slams behind them and the lock was put on.

“Lets go on Superman! It has the biggest drop!”, Addie says. “Lets do that last, that’s always the best closer ride.”, Tyler says. “I vote batman!”, Adam says as she points towards that part of the park. “Wait, why are all of the coasters running...there is no-one here.” Tyler says as she looks around. “Well at least the workers are here.”, Addie says as she sees all of them staring at the girls. “This is kinda creeps guys.” Adam says. “Well we’re at the front of the line so lets go on.”

As the girls get in their seats, the roller-coaster worker says “Enjoy your ride....” she says as she starts to laugh as she presses the button. “Guys....I don’t like this....GET ME OFF!” Addie says as her panic attack starts. “This is super sketch guys.”, Adam says. “Guys.....hold on.” Tyler says as the first drop happens. Everything goes black as they go through a tunnel. Addie screams as hard as she can. “Addie hold on! It’s not that bad. Addie?” Adam says as she turns and Addie isn’t there. “TYLER! ADDIE’S GONE!”, Adam screams as she starts to shake. “ADDIE! Oh my god GET ME OFF THIS RIDE!”, Tyler screams as the last drop happens. The ride stops and Adam and Tyler push their way out of the harness and the roller-coaster conductor says “How was it.....She will not return. So don’t try to look.”The roller-coaster conductor says as she comes near Adam and Tyler. “Oh my god.” They yell as they start to run.

“We have to find her Adam!”, Tyler says as they start to run to the gate. “Wait...look! Addie is at the top of Superman!” Adam says as she tries to see what she is hanging on. “It’s definitely not a train car!” Adam says as they start to sprint to the roller coaster. They go through all of the lines and get to the train car. “You must ride to the top to save your friend who is hanging.” A whole line of creepy roller-coaster conductors say. Adam and Tyler strap in and keep a harness open for when they have to save Addie. They get to the top and Addie tries to climb into the car because it makes a sudden stop. “Addie hold on!”, Adam says as she tries to get Addie in the car. The car makes a sudden jerk and Addie slips and starts to fall. “ADDIE!” Tyler and Adam scream as they see their best friend fall to her death.

“Ohh my god Tyler!”, Adam says as her tears are clouding her vision. They both look towards the rest of the coaster and see that all of the pieces are breaking until the whole rest of the roller-coaster is broken pieces on the ground. “ADAM!” Tyler screams as the roller-coaster plummets faster than ever straight into the air after they came from the drop. They scream as the coaster plunges to the ground not on any track.

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