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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Till I Hear You Sing..

Author's Note: I've lost you long ago and I lost the sweet sound of your voice. My life feels empty and worthless if you are not there. This is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite music men, Ramin Karimloo. He has played the "Phantom" in numerous accounts of "The Phantom of The Opera" musical around the world with Sierra Boggess, who is seen in the video. Even though this is not a "Phantom of the Opera" song, I still adore it. This is a point of view piece from the character that Ramin plays.(The music video is below) Thank you!

Your voice haunts my lonely soul as I sit upon the cold ground. The music we made together filled my spirit with warmth and joy. God sent you too me long ago and now I am alone. You made my life have meaning, when my whole life, I've thought differently. Life now has been merely a silent memory of the memories we used to know. This is a life that I now crave for.

The music you sing makes the angels weep. Now I only have thoughts of what I imagine it sounds like. You are the only thing that haunts me, but keeps me alive at the same time. Can you imagine my loneliness? Ten long years of mere silence. You chose him a long time ago, but I will never give up on the love we once shared.

I am done with the silence, the loneliness. We will be together and listen to the soothing sound of our duet once again. Life doesn't feel real unless I have the joy of being in your arms. I will not stop, Till I hear you sing, once more.

Video from: http://www.youtube.com/user/phantomloveneverdies?feature=watch

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