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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Karma Will Get You

Author's Note: This is my prediction for the rest of the 3:15  story. I believe that him stealing from the man will come back to haunt him, that it will be a huge mistake. This in my opinion is right because they just left you hanging after the man died in the story and the boy stole his gold. I knew his mistake would come back to get him. 

Cody rushes home in the moonlit night. "I'm rich! I'm finally rich.", he thinks as he scurries along the path. Cody feels that he has successfully taken Clarence Buchanan's gold. As Cody opens the door to his little, one roomed home, he sets the golden hook down on the side table next to his mattress. "I'm finally going to be rich, aren't I?", Cody murmurs to himself as he glares at all of that gold. "I need some sleep so I can melt the gold and head off in the morning. I might even make it to Madison!" he thinks as he climbs onto his mattress. "That old man didn't even know what hit him."

Cody awakes and he puts on his nice clothes. "This is it, the day I become the rich man I so rightfully deser--wait.", Cody says as he looks at the table. There is no hook, just a note. "WHAT!, That was my hook! That was my gold!" he says as he rushes to the table. "Bury me with my treasure, that is all I ask.--Big mistake, boy." the note read. "How-iss--wha--t ---how is this possible?!" Cody screams as he glares down at the note. Is Clarence Buchanan still....alive?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Living Life To The Fullest

Author's Note: This is my character analysis/ development piece. I chose the character, "Charlie", from the book: The Perks of Being A Wallflower. Charlie started the book as a shy, depressed, young teenage who is dealing with the death of his best friend.Life has been so hard on him in the beginning of the book. He feels alone and upset. Charlie hopes high school will turn his life around. When Charlie discovers that there can be people in his life who cares about him. He meets new friends that help him through his new life experiences. This helps Charlie be open to the world and helps him stop feeling alone and depressed. Charlie develops through this story as a character and realizes there is so much more to life than what it seems.

Shy, Depressed, Kind, Sad
 Who loves: Writing stories.
Who care about: His family
Who feels: Alone
 Who needs: A group of friends
 Who gives : Respect to everyone he meets
 Who fears : the reality of the death of his best friend
 Who would like to see: Change in his life as he goes on to high school. 
 Resident of: Pennsylvania
 Last name : Never mentioned in the story

 Imaginative, Happy, Lively, Not Afraid
 Who loves: making people happy 
 Who care about: His family and his friends
 Who feels: Lively.
 Who needs: To live life to the fullest.
 Who gives :love to those who need it the most.
 Who fears : Growing up too fast.
 Who would like to see: His siblings succeed at college.
 Resident of: Pennsylvania 
 Last name : Still never mentioned.
There are more characters in other stories that go through similar things that Charlie does. Another character that is very similar to Charlie in many ways is Craig Glinger. Craig is from the book, It's Kind of a Funny Story , where teenage Craig gets so frustrated with life that he just wants to break out, similar to Charlie. Craig felt depressed, angry, like he had no one to turn to, until he found friends. Even though they were in a weirder setting than he hoped. Craig wanted to jump off of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. He felt like life was too hard on him, that he wasn't made for this. After he backed out, he checked himself in to a mental hospital. There he got the help he needed and made friends along the way. Him and Charlie are very similar in many more ways than just making friends. They are both teenage boys, freshman, have a sister, live in the east coast, and they are trying to find a way out.  Both of these characters grow and develop so much over the course of the story with just a little friendship. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


 Autor's Note: This is my patriot's pen piece. It shows what I would say if I could talk to the founding fathers.

America was never a perfect country. We have had our flaws in the past and sometimes we make those same mistakes again but, we can only learn from them. All we can do as people is try to improve this country as much as we can. Our founding fathers did make some mistakes, but they lead this country onto greatness.

Freedom. In the Declaration of Independence it states that America is a free country. That the people who live in it have freedom and are free from the British Empire. Why does that exclude the right African-Americans and women? We’re all people; some are not superior to others. So why did our founding fathers exclude them from having everything that a white male has? This is one very important topic I would bring up with our founding fathers, if I had the honor to talk to them, face to face.

One of the biggest mistakes that this country did was let slavery happen. Slavery was harsh, cruel, and went on for way to long. Why did it matter what the color of your skin was? If I could sit down and talk to our founding fathers I would tell them that all man was created equal and that no one is more superior to others. That nobody on the earth should be a slave to another. I believe that this was just wrong.

Women’s rights. Do you know what year women got the right to vote? 1920. It was approximately 144 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed. If I get the chance to speak with the men who started our country, I would let them know that women are Americans too. Women are just as equal to men and should have the right to vote, have a great education, and be able to have the same freedom as men do. Granted; I believe that this country would be so different if we had women having the same rights as men, starting in the beginning.

Even though we did make some mistakes in the past, our founding fathers were all great men with great futures for this country. They knew that this country would have an amazing future in store due to them and I just have to thank you. The greatness that this country has the honor to be bestowed with is all due to our Founding Fathers.