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Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Direction

Author Note: This is just like a fan-fiction. It is suppose to be a love story and I guess it kind of is, but it is between Skyler and Harry. This is a Creative- Writing-Piece that was in a group with. Enjoy!
“That concert so amazing.” Skyler said, still shocked from seeing Harry in person from the front row. “Oh I know, I can’t believe it!, Zayn looked at me and stared!”, Mada said still shaking after Zayn looked at her. “Yeah right! There were so many girls there. It could have been anyone.” Skyler says in disbelief. “Oh don’t lie, you think that Harry’s wink was straight to you!”, Mada comments. “Well, he did!” Skyler says lightly defending her case. We were in Chicago, shopping after the One Direction concert that was at the arena only 20 minutes away. We walked right into Ralph Lauren on Michigan Ave. Mada still had her Zayn Malik jacket on, (which was custom made because Zayn’s trademark is a leather varsity jacket) and Skyler still wore her loose curls with a British flag shirt. Our makeup was flawless and our hair fell just perfectly. “Sky, I’m going to go look at the button up shirts.”, Mada says. “Okay, I’ll meet you at the register.”, Sky says with her eye on a cute summer time dress. Mada has so many shirts in her hand because she can never make up her mind. She quickly turns around and bumps right into someone with a lot of polo sweaters in their hands. They both fell while laughing. “Here let me help you with that.”, the boy says. Mada looks up and see’s his deep brown eyes staring right at her, his smile was captivating as a fireworks show and his hair was unbelievable. “Oh my god.”, Mada thinks as she takes his hand. “It’s Zayn Malik”.

“You should buy that you know”, someone says right in Skyler’s ear. “You would look perfect in it.” Sky makes a subtle turn and her eyes are fixed on his smile. “Oh....thanks.”, She says as he literally takes her breath away. “Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?”, Harry says willingly. “Oh, me and my friend Mada sat front row at your a few hours ago.”, Skyler says as she is recapping what just happened.”That’s it;) , wow you’re a pretty dedicated fan.”, Harry says while thinking then that he knew he had to find her. “I guess so;)”, Skyler says with a flirty smile. “Hey, was your friend the brunette? Zayn wouldn’t shut-up about how he had to meet her.”, Harry says. “Oh yeah, she was wearing the Z varsity jacket.” Skyler says trying to hide her nervousness. Then they both turn around and see Zayn and Mada hand in hand with huge smiles. “Wanna all go out to dinner?”, Zayn says as he looks at Harry and Skyler. “Sure, but let me buy her this dress first....what is your name love?”, Harry says as he turns to Skyler. “Skyler;)” Skyler says as she grabs his hand. Harry looks at her and smiles, “Skyler Styles, what a beautiful name.”

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