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Friday, January 11, 2013

Where Are We Supposed to Be?

Author's Note: This is just some free write work. I looked over it again and it seems to kind of tie in with my thoughts on my "Happiness" piece , but this is a reoccurring thought that sometimes overpowers my train of thought. So I decided to make another piece on it because I can't get this thought out of my mind. Anyways, please enjoy my rambles, thank you.:)

What do we stand for? Where is our right place in this world? We all wake up in the morning to see what the day brings for us but, are we in the right place to find out? Think about it. Are we all where we are supposed to be? I don’t believe I am. I believe that there is a world out there, waiting for me to explore. I want to move away from this midwestern state and live somewhere fun, somewhere exciting. “All I know, is when I move away. My heart will stay, in this midwestern state.”-NeverShoutNever. Don’t get me wrong, I love Wisconsin and the people in it. I’ve had an amazing childhood so far in this beautiful state but, I feel like there is more out there than just living in one place your whole life, you know?

After college I want to go explore New York, City. Why not?! What an exciting place to live. I’ve been in love with it since I was a child and everything about it just seems so heartwarming to me.  Even the job opportunities are spectacular. It seems like you can do anything in New York City. It seems like the place full of opportunities. When I was younger, I’d sneak off behind my parents back and watch episodes of gossip girl. It will always and forever be my favorite show. Not just because of the scandal but because of the city, their fashion, their backdrop. They filmed pretty much everywhere in New York city and pretty much every store. The city is extraordinary and the stores are beyond brilliant. That’s where I want to be. That is where my dreams draw me towards. I feel like I could do so much there. I could be a fashion magazine editor, on broadway, or working for starbucks, I don’t know! I have so many dreams and I feel like they could all be achieved there. Is New York the place I belong in this world? I think so, but anything can change. All I know is that wherever my dreams lead me, I will follow and I hope you do the same. :)

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  1. This is a really good piece! I love how you wrote what has been on you mind. I notice that some of your sentences begin with the same sentence starter though. Maybe that's what came to your mind... I don't know. Compassion is something I can certainly feel throughout your piece. Great Job!