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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Whom Can I Trust?

Author’s Note: Ahh when you smell that crisp fall air and see my summer tan fading, you know its school time. Welcome back everybody. I was going through some old work of mine that I never published from last year and found a few pieces I wanted to post. Now, I post pretty random stuff on here, stuff that isn’t even homework or part of this class. But frankly, I don’t care. I feel as if I can publish any work I have on here so on a sadder note. Here is a story I wrote last year about someone who figures out they were adopted. This person is stunned and angry because they have been lied to their whole life. Here is my first short piece of this school year. Have a great school year everyone.

Make it stop. Just make it stop.
I’m in a world surrounded with people
but not one I can trust.
I can’t imagine that anyone feels the way I do.
I’ve been lied to. This whole time.
This whole time, I didn’t know the truth.
The truth about the world that surrounds me.
The truth about me.

When you have heard nothing but lies your entire life, who can you trust? I just, don’t know anymore. Where are my parents? I may never know.

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