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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

“Do You Hear the People Sing? Singing the Song of Angry Men. It Is the Music of a People Who Will Not Be Slaves Again.” District Writing Assessment

Author's Note: The reason I like this story so much could possibly be because of the symbolism within it. (And the music in the musical too of course.) This story has such a deeper meaning which makes it so different from any other story of it's kind. For my DWA, I wrote, in best form that I could, the symbolism within the characters of Les Miserables. Thank you and enjoy.

Think of a story you know that creates many images of symbolism. Now think of a story that every word within it has meaning and is something to think about. This fits the characteristics of the story of Les Miserables. We all know “Les Mis”; takes place in France, a bunch of characters, they all sing, and are very dramatic, but have you ever looked at the real symbolism of this heartfelt story? Now there are many versions of this story, its world famous book, movie, and musical. I want to show you some differences in symbolism between the book and the newest movie version. Les Miserables has the most in depth symbolism connections that are very hard to find in any other story of this nature.
Jean Valjean
24601 is the number they gave Jean Valjean when he became a slave. As he was quoted in the movie, “They gave me a number and they MURDERED VALJEAN! When they chained me and left me for dead! Just for stealing a mouthful of bread.” He was locked away after he stole bread to save his sister’s child who was near death’s door. You could say he is the main character in this ever so spiritual story. Who does Jean represent?  In both the movie and the book alike, just like how Jesus Christ was found carrying the cross, Jean is forced to carry the flag of France as a request of Javert, who is a man of the law. Jean has always had a good heart and cares for everyone like Jesus has.

Jean is released from 19 years as a prisoner of the law and is offered shelter from a bishop. When the bishop saved him, he let Valjean make a fresh new start; he claimed his soul for God. The bishop gives Jean two silver candlesticks and tells him to use it to become a lawless man. As you see older Valjean in other scenes, he still has those candlesticks even within the book as well. This is a symbol of his respect for the bishop and a symbol of God’s forgiveness towards Valjean. Jean has now turned his life around that is now a life full of God and the Christian religion.

Jean Valjean goes by the name Monsieur Madeleine as a cover-up name but is often called “Monsieur le Mayor” because of his new title after he starts his new life. After Cosette’s mother, Fantine, dies, Jean takes the liberty of raising Cosette which represents Jean’s good heart and loving soul. When Valjean takes Cosette under his wing, she becomes this new burst of light within his life. She makes him want to be a better man and be the father Cosette so rightfully deserves.
Fantine represents how cruel the society was to lower class women of that time period. After she was left with a child by her lover, she tries to make money anyway she can. She works in a factory and after she is fired she resorts to selling herself to other people, like her hair, teeth, and prostitution. In the book as well as the movie, she leaves her child, Cosette, with the Thenardier’s. This is a family she thought would be loving to her child. As a result of Fantine’s absents, they treat Cosette like a slave and make her work for them. This shows just how low the lower classes of Paris at this time were treated and how they resorted to do such risky and willing things just to try to stay alive.

When they cut Fantine’s hair, it symbolizes her pride being cut right out of her. That’s when she lost all respect for herself. Fantine realizes at this moment that she doesn’t have control of her life and she will let people take advantage of her. She believes it all is in the interest of Cosette and that’s what she keeps telling herself. When Fantine stopped respecting herself, this is symbolizing that she already feels dead and has no control of herself anymore.

Jean Valjean wants to do all he can for Fantine after he finds her cold and alone in the scum of the town. On Fantine’s death bed, Jean tells this poor woman that he will take care of her child and everything will be alright. Jean takes Cosette and raises her to be a loving, caring young woman. Fantine and Cosette is a sign to Valjean that shows him the sorrow of losing life, but also receiving new life.
Before meeting Fantine or Cosette, Jean breaks his parole and now is a wanted man. A man who is named, Javert, is a police for the law. He searches everywhere to find Jean so he can capture him. Even though Javert may seem mean and cruel on the outside, he is a very deep and hurting person on the inside. In the movie he sings the song, “Stars” which is him praying to God about himself being full or worry and sadness.  The thought of a thief having more over him was too much for Javert to bear. Fatally, his worry of being indebted to Jean leads him to plummet into the Paris Seine from a very high bridge. Javert committed suicide to get rid of the worries and the fears in his life. His suicide represents that even though a person may seem cruel and powerful on the outside, they are longing for some power and compassion on the inside. Javert’s character really makes you think about what you do or what you say to people because you have no idea what they may be going through.

The adults in the story aren’t the only characters that have struggles to face within the story. Les Miserables takes place post-French Revolution and the people are still revolting to the king for the poor order of society. In this story, we follow the “Barricade Boys” and how they revolt against the Paris Government. The main characters from the barricade are Enjolras, Marius, Eponine, Gavroche, and Grantaire.
Enjolras is the leader of the ABC or “The Friends of the Oppressed” which basically was a group of the lower class who wanted to return France to be under the rule of the republic in their area of Paris. Enjolras supposedly was the last one to die in the battle between them and in the movie he holds up a red flag and as he is shot, he falls of the railing of the place where they held their ABC meetings and is left dead hanging over the railing while still holding the flag. The flag is the color of the French republic which it symbolizes. Enjolras and one of his best friends, Grantaire both share a last glance before they are both assassinated. While in the book, Enjolras quickly retreats to the wine shop where he finds a drunken Grantaire. Enjolras is surrounded by soldiers as the buzzed Grantaire yells, “Long live the Revolution! I am one of them!” He wishes to die with Enjolras and has been granted that wish by his opponents. Enjolras was shot eight times as they both fell to their death.

As they build the barricade, there is a big red coffin and a little blue coffin in the front. The red one represents, Enjolras who is always wearing red and the little blue one represents Gavroche who is always wearing blue. Before Gavroche is killed, they shot the little blue coffin as a warning shot. They were basically telling them that they were going to kill Gavroche before he was even dead.

Enjolras is one of those characters that can be easy to relate to because of his passion and leadership within all that he does. The things he believes in are not hidden within his life, he puts his heart and soul into everything that he does which makes me compare him to myself. In my life, I try to place my whole effort into the things I do and the things I accomplish. If you’re not going to give 110% into something, why do it? Personally, I relate myself to Enjolras because not only his stride to get things done, but to get them done right.

Eponine and Gavroche
Eponine was the daughter of the Thenardier parents and was envied by Cosette while growing up because of how well she was treated. When Cosette left the house and Eponine grew up, Monsieur Thenardier abused her and treated her and her siblings like nothing. Even though it never is told that Eponine even has siblings in the movie, in the book it names her siblings Azelma and Gavroche. Éponine’s character is a symbol of another famous, religious life, Mary Magdalene. They both represent fallen, broken, and ragged women who fall desperately in love. Eponine is a character that shows her emotion, but never receives sympathy for her tragedies.

Eponine and Gavroche were siblings. As it was never revealed in the movie, it is explained thoroughly through the book. In the movie, Eponine’s last word was “grow” and Gavroche’s was “up”. Both of them never got to grow up. In the movie as Eponine takes her last breath, the camera closes up of Gavroche’s face as a single tear is shed from his watery eyes. Most movie goers may have thought it was just because of the heat of the moment, but the real symbolism was that they were siblings who really and honestly never got to grow up with each other because of how their parent’s treated them.
Marius represents a young Victor Hugo who fell in love as a young man same as Marius. Marius, who is just a lonely boy at the barricade, spots in the square the most beautiful women he ever laid his eyes on, her name was Cosette. Cosette and Marius represent young love and that there still is hope for both in their tragic stories. With all that happens within the story, you can always depend on the love between Marius and Cosette that just keeps growing stronger. What Marius never realized though, was that Eponine has been in love with him ever since the beginning. In the battle between the French Government and the “Barricade Boys”, Eponine takes a bullet for Marius and dies in his arms. This is when Marius realizes that Eponine has always loved him and that he will love her like a sister for the rest of his days. Marius is rescued from the barricade during the last battle from Jean Valjean and is brought back to Cosette. All of Marius’ friends die in the barricade battle. This only makes him want to love and respect what he has with Cosette even more as he has no more friendships left to cherish. Marius is a representation of a young boy who was once lost, but now is found.

There are many forms of symbolism and so many characters which make this book/movie a good one to follow and it really makes you think. Les Miserables has been one of those stories that have been passed down for generations and generations to come because of its symbolic nature that is so hard to find in other tales of this decade. This story has taught us a lot about how we see the world, our relationships, and our life. Les Miserables shows us a new sense of hope that can be found within all of us, we just have to open our heart to find it.

Sources: Les Miserables By: Victor Hugo
"Les Miserables" The Motion Picture, Directed: Tom Hooper 2012
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Till I Hear You Sing..

Author's Note: I've lost you long ago and I lost the sweet sound of your voice. My life feels empty and worthless if you are not there. This is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite music men, Ramin Karimloo. He has played the "Phantom" in numerous accounts of "The Phantom of The Opera" musical around the world with Sierra Boggess, who is seen in the video. Even though this is not a "Phantom of the Opera" song, I still adore it. This is a point of view piece from the character that Ramin plays.(The music video is below) Thank you!

Your voice haunts my lonely soul as I sit upon the cold ground. The music we made together filled my spirit with warmth and joy. God sent you too me long ago and now I am alone. You made my life have meaning, when my whole life, I've thought differently. Life now has been merely a silent memory of the memories we used to know. This is a life that I now crave for.

The music you sing makes the angels weep. Now I only have thoughts of what I imagine it sounds like. You are the only thing that haunts me, but keeps me alive at the same time. Can you imagine my loneliness? Ten long years of mere silence. You chose him a long time ago, but I will never give up on the love we once shared.

I am done with the silence, the loneliness. We will be together and listen to the soothing sound of our duet once again. Life doesn't feel real unless I have the joy of being in your arms. I will not stop, Till I hear you sing, once more.

Video from: http://www.youtube.com/user/phantomloveneverdies?feature=watch

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Emmy Rossum

Author's Note: I've always had a special connection with the character Christine from The Phantom Of The Opera. Call me crazy! I just have always felt like I related to her and even the first Christine that I saw, Emmy Rossum. Emmy was just a little older than me when she achieved the role of Christine in the 2004 movie version and it inspires me to dream about performing like her. Her story inspires me and her voice is amazing. Here is a snip it of a biography of her life, trying to focus on her time when she was Christine. This is for my research goal. Thank you:) 

Learning that you have talent, can always be an exciting thing. When you are discovering this so young, you know that something good can become of it. Emmy Rossum, even at so young an age, displayed that talent and that spark within which helped her achieve greatness.

Born on September 12, 1986, in New York City to a single woman named Cheryl Rossum, her mother always knew that Emmy was gifted. (Keep in mind that The Phantom of The Opera also came out in 1986.) When she was only 7, she could sing in all of the twelve musical keys which landed her a spot in NYC Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus. Rossum achieve greatly in this opera and sang in many different languages with various well known opera singers. At the age of twelve, Emmy grew too old for the children’s chorus and decided to take up acting. Aside from acting she was in attendance at Spence School, a private, Manhattan schooling district. Emmy later received her high school diploma at the age of 15 through a Stanford program that is for the gifted youth so she could focus on her performing career. Wow. So far, this young girl has had such an dream life! Just look at her! She is so gifted and beautiful that what the future has in store for her could just be amazing.Through her life, Emmy had been acting and singing not just for fun, but professionally, too. Before she was even 15, she received numerous awards and claimed many on-screen roles, but when she was 16, her life took a complete turn for the awesome.

Andrew Lloyd Webber; a famous musician, composer, and musical man wanted to make a movie based off of his world famous musical, “The Phantom Of The Opera", which is the longest running musical in history. Having opened in 1986 in London,  the beautifully acclaimed musical still is performed around the world and still on Broadway till this day. Lloyd Webber wanted to make a movie version, so he could show detail and let his audience at home see his work. He had many leading ladies in mind for the main role of Christine. Emmy was one of the last people the directors and Lloyd Webber had in thought for the role of Christine. Emmy even missed her screen test for the role, but Andrew saw something in her.  Her audition was actually private, in Lloyd Webber’s home in New York. Emmy walked through his door and all he said was, “Shall we?” She sang for him and she thought it was a one in a million chance for her being awarded with  this role. As a 16 year old, they usually don’t give such a big role, but when she landed the role, she didn't disappoint.

Emmy who was only a sixteen year old along side her Phantom who was at thirty seven year old man with the Hollywood name of Gerard Butler. There is supposed to be an age difference between the Phantom and Christine, but this one just takes the cake! Emmy exclaims in an interview that it was not awkward between them because they became very good friends and they just played their roles. It definitely seemed natural and no uncomfort between them in a movie. Rossum just played her part and she came out on top.

This young girl won and was nominated for many awards that went along with her outstanding performance as Christine. Emmy was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2005 for Best Performing Actress in a Musical or Comedy and she even won the Best Young Actress award for the Broadcast Film Critics Association. Emmy knew that this event would change her life forever, but "The Phantom of The Opera" could very well not be the biggest role Emmy has landed. She has been in other movies such as “The Day After Tomorrow”, “Mystic River”, and now “Beautiful Creatures”. Her latest album release,“Sentimental Journey”, was released in 2013 and she currently stars in the hit HBO show, "Shameless".  I do not think there is any slowing down for our young Christine anytime soon.

Emmy knew that she was talented and is sharing her talent with the world. Growing up in New York City, the possibilities were endless. She took them and made the best of these opertunities. Emmy is a role model to all who want to dream and achieve not just in the performing arts, but within life.

The role of Christine has always touched me in a sense that it is a role that I want to be and that I would love to perform. Emmy was the first Christine that I had ever seen perform when I was only 4 and she made the biggest impact on me. She took this role to a whole new level and demonstrated it in way that I could understand or even relate to. Also people tell me I look like her which is always a plus.:) I have always adored the name “Emmy” as well. (Even asked my parents, everything I had had to be named Emmy!) Emmy Rossum made an impact and a connection with me that will stay with me for a lifetime.


Monday, March 18, 2013

America's Tongue, Why Has It Changed? My Thoughts On Old-Word English In This Modern World.

Author's Note: Most of the ancestors of Americans come from European countries, right? If you look at America's people timeline, you will see that a lot of Brits came over (Mayflower, Revolutionary War, ect.) and they also took their language with them. In modern time, we refer to it as "Old-World English" which is commonly known as proper English or British. Now, when did we break off from this language and develop our own and why? This is my thoughts on this change in speech. ( I did do research, but after further examination I realized it was not really a research piece, but perceive it as you will.:)

Taking a look at literature and the way things used to be. The way people used to speak, write, communicate all used to be so proper. Why isn't our society still like that? You can blame it on entertainment and rule breakers who want to be so individual, but why don’t we still use that same, poise, that same courtesy? I’d like to live in a world where people had a little bit more respect for each other, like back in the 1800s. Now I am not saying I want to live in the 1800s, (I probably would not survive!), but I would like people to speak with that same type of poise and respect.

Talking with respect and smart word choice could ultimately make us smarter, right? Really thinking about what we are speaking and what we write could make us use broader vocabulary and or also use proper English. They say, “Reading Shakespeare will make you smarter!” Well, then how come Shakespeare isn't helping me write or speak? Sure reading it would help widen my vocabulary and in a sense Shakespeare helps test my brain, but if I am not going to use it within my speaking, why read it? Same goes for any English literature that we read or study. I know it can help us understand what the literature and speech used to be like, but why did it have to change? If I can’t use it in my speech, why read it?

I know we can never get back to that type of proper English ever again. It is merely impossible! Unless you live in the England or The United Kingdom if you will, you will probably never hear Old-World English in our modern society ever again. Our Americans before us broke off from the proper British English to American English around the mid 18th-century. Our speech has changed and developed over the years into this type of English “slang”. We might not all talk in “slang”, but compared to Old-Word English, this is “slang”. This started around the Revolutionary War.  Again, this all comes with our centuries evolving and developing into this modern age America. It is said with the new-age Americans and even Brits there are still language changes and speech differences. I still would like to enjoy everything our modern age offers, but I wish we would still have that proper English that was used so long ago.

Also, you have to put into perspective all of the different accents that American’s have developed over the years. It all depends on where you live, really. If you grow up down south, you develop more of a southern accent. In the north half of the U.S, you have more of a normal American accent. It all depends on where you live and how the people talk there. Now I am not saying everyone in the north talks like the north and the south people talk in southern, but most percentage of them do. Now through the centuries we haven’t just spun-off of British- English, now we have spun-off of American-English! Just look at “Honey-Boo-Boo”! I truly hope when people think of America or even Southerners they do not think of this “Honey-Boo-Boo Child”. (In my opinion that world is completely repulsive, but that is a whole different topic.)  This is just a demonstration of how us Americans have just developed and spun off from our own language. If you live in the South and go to the North, people will talk a lot differently. Same as if you went from the West coast, to the East coast. We all still speak English, it is just a little different in their own ways.

I genuinely wish we all still spoke with the same respect and poise that was used but American’s and Brit’s so long ago, but that shall never be in existence in our modern day and age again. Even though we will never talk in that proper Old-World, English, tongue again, I believe that the American language will still grow in change within the modern literature that we demonstrate today.



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"The Phantom of the Opera Is There...Inside My Mind."

Author's Note: When I was very young, my mother had bought me the movie, "The Phantom of The Opera". When I was younger, I didn't understand half of what was even going on, but the music in this movie just captivated my heart and my spirit. As I kept watching it through my life, I understood the story line and the emotion that is just poured out into this movie. The Phantom of the Opera has been in my family since the first musical was performed in 1986, when my mother saw it in London and New York with her mother. This piece is based off of the 2004 movie adaption and not the musical adaption. (I know there are many differences.) I wrote this piece to meet my symbolism goal. Please enjoy!

I have been watching a ridiculous amount of the movie, “The Phantom of the Opera”, lately. It’s just a very pure and intimate movie that it captivates your whole mind set. So much happens in this movie and it exclaims a whole story behind the strange affair which is the phantom of the opera of the Paris Opera house in 1870.  I will set the stage to show the symbolism within this story, but you have to see it to believe it.

Christine Daae is an orphaned ballet student in the Paris Opera house at the age of 17, living in the dormitories of the opera house. When her father was dying she was only seven years old and her father said to her, “When I am in heaven child, I will send the Angel of Music to you.” Every night she has been visited by the angel who teaches her to sing. She is anointed with the opportunity to sing lead in the opera and the angel is pleased. This mythical man ,while only wearing half of a mask on his face, appears in the shadows and claims to be her angel of music. He takes her into his lair and shows her a whole new world of music and darkness. This man is the Phantom of The Opera.

Christine’s childhood friend, Raoul, hears her sing and immediately falls in love with her just like they had when they were young. Christine feels the same way. The phantom takes it as a threat and knows he loves Christine more than Raoul. The phantom tortures the opera house and sends them an opera to perform in his name. To protect Christine from the phantom, Raoul forces her to perform the opera so they can capture the phantom once and for all. She performs his play, “Don Juan”, and the phantom secretly takes the place of Don Juan in the performance. During the last note of their duet, Christine rips off the phantom’s mask to show everyone who he truly is. He kidnaps her while Raoul comes to find her. The phantom threatens to kill Raoul if Christine doesn’t marry the phantom. As a result, Christine kisses the phantom to save Raoul's life and they are both set free. The phantom knows he wants Christine to be happy so she lets her be with Raoul. The phantom never stops loving Christine.

The symbolism in this story is tremendous and the phantom shows most of it. When Christine first performs, the phantom sends her a red rose with a black ribbon as a sign that he is very pleased with her. As she sings her duet exclaiming her love for Raoul, she drops the rose as a sign that she loves Raoul more than the phantom. The phantom decides that he will never stop until Christine feels the same way about him as he does her.

When the phantom first appears to Christine in the flesh, he is wearing a white mask on only one side of his face. This also exclaims why he is banished to the labyrinth within the depths of the opera house, he has a birth defect on only one side of his face. This forces him to live in the shadows so nobody can see who he really is underneath the mask. With the mask on, he is a swift phantom who can do whatever he wants to the opera house, but with the mask off, he is helpless, defenceless, not worth of Christine’s love.

After she is brought to the phantom’s lair for the first time, she faints at the sight of a wedding dress that the Phantom had made for her. A small music box, with the figure of a monkey, wakes her up with the sweet instrumental of the song “Masquerade”. The music box that the Phantom has made, exclaims that he does have a gentle side to his dark and scary appearance.

During the time when Christine and Raoul were falling in love, he proposes to her. Christine knows that the phantom will not approve of this and will hurt her if she accepts. She does not wear the ring around her finger, but around her neck to show that she is not officially Raoul’s. “It’s an engagement, not a crime. Christine what are you afraid of?”, Raoul says as he still does not know about the phantom. As the phantom makes an entrance to their masquerade ball, he rips the ring off of Christine’s neck. “Your chains are still mine. You belong to ME!”, the phantom yells out of disappointment. The phantom isn’t losing Christine that easily.

Immediately after Christine rips off the mask of the phantom, the phantom grabs her and cuts the ropes to the grand chandelier that hangs above the opera house. As it smashed it starts the entire opera house on fire. The phantom smashed the chandelier in a sense that if things didn’t go his way, “Things beyond their wildest imagination will occur.”

This movie has an amazing storyline and even more amazing music, I believe that is why I watch it so much. The love triangle, if you will, shows so much emotion and raw passion that it makes this musical even better. The phantom knows that his love for Christine is infinite and will never end.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Watch Where You Put Your Heart, Esther

Author's Note: I based this off of a t.v show episode of Gossip Girl. (Season five, "G.G") Blair get's married but has no idea who the man she is marrying really turns out to be. I also tied in one of my other favorite shows, "Revenge" with the whole Hampton, NY theme. I took both of the shows and made a creative story based off of them and tried to make it as original as possible! I know it is very long but I felt like the information is key to figuring out the situation in the story. The italics paragraphs are to symbolize her thoughts within this story. This is my creative piece. Thank you and enjoy!:)

“I do,” Asher whispers as he grabs my hand. I smile as I look up at him and his deep brown eyes. Okay I promised myself I wouldn’t cry but when that tear came slightly out of my right eye, I couldn't help it. “And do you, Esther Bennett take Asher Lipton to be your husband?” the priest says as he notices my tears. “I do!” I say as I lock my hands into his. “By the state of New York, I now pronounce you husband and wife.” As he ends his last words, Asher grabs me and kisses me. I swear I just ripped this out of the page of a fairy-tale, but by the end, it turned into my worst nightmare.

Now, you could see that Asher Lipton came from a family of money, Hampton money. I come from city money. Growing up at a private school downtown, the scandal, gossip, and the money can sometimes be a lot. Asher understood me.

I look up at the twinkling lights and my friends and family. We walk down the stairs as husband and wife for the first time. His father looks at him with a grin that I’ve never seen. Less approving, maybe even a little scandalous. Oh whatever, I am not going to let anything ruin this day. 

Asher and I met at a party in the Hampton during my 23rd year. His father and mother were hosting and I somehow got an invitation. Yes, sure I was like NYC royalty, but not so much, Hampton royalty. And the Liptons definitely were. Our families kind of split the state in half, they got the top half and we got the bottom.  When we met, call it what you will, fate or destiny, but I felt in the back of my mind it was more of an ambush. Like this boy was looking for me. He somehow knew exactly what to say and more about me than I thought a total stranger would. He blamed it on my social status. I don’t know what to blame it on. Since then, his father kept a close eye on me. I was only in the Hamptons for that summer then I had to return to the city, but I felt like Harrison Lipton and his son knew more about me then I did.

Asher and I spent the next year together, living in the city and the beach, sharing each others lives and secrets.It was basically everything anyone could ever want. He listened to me and I listened to him. All of our secrets and family drama was always shared with each other. Asher knew what to say to everything and how to make me me feel good about myself. The two elite families in New York have a son and daughter who are madly in love. Who knew?

The night that Asher purposed is such a blur to me now. My eyes were filled with so many tears that it was so hard to process it all. We were in Paris to check on my father’s ever growing business and right after dinner we took a stroll to a garden outside of the eiffel tower. Then it happened! It was so magical and so captivating. Again, ripped right out a fairytale, but this was my fairy-tale and I was going to spend the rest of my life with the one I love or the man I thought I loved.

After his father turned his head back around I looked at Asher. He just looked back and smiled at me. The best man, Asher’s best friend Chandler, said his speech. It was very nice and heartfelt, but the whole speech, he was looking at me while talking about Asher. To the point where I was uncomfortable to look into his sea, blue eyes. After that, my maid of honor said her speech as well. Her name is Tiffany and she had been my best friend in the city for as long as I could remember, it was kind of like a Blair and Serena friendship from Gossip Girl. She was my best friend that knew everything about me. What Tiffany did probably hurt me the most. Not Asher, not Chandler, but Tiffany. 

The music starts playing to our favorite slow song. Asher grabs my hand and pulls me into his warm embrace. Our feet start moving and he whispers. “This is like your fairytale, right?” “Even better,” I whisper as my smile becomes even bigger. “Then good, I’ve done my job. Now it’s your turn Esther,” he says as his voice becomes less warming and more cold. “Wha-what do you mean?” I say as my eyebrows start to become more tense. “This is all a show Esther and you're right in the middle of it. I don’t actually love you, are you kidding? My family has been living in your family’s shadow for too long. There can only be one royal family of New York and you have been proven too weak to hold that position. Thought you would been more clever Esther, thought you would figure it out,” Asher hardens that paragraph right into my brain and my face is in awe. “H-how bu-but why?” I stutter as he puts his finger over my lips. “We are married Esther. You are no Kim Kardashian and you cannot break off this marriage. Do you know how much that would ruin your reputation? Esther, look at me,” he says as he brushes his finger at my chin. My eyes start to fill. “I will destroy you. Your family too. Look, Chandler and Tiffany seem to be happy,” he says as he points to them. They both smile and wave. The rest of the guests just look with happiness at both of us. I look into Tiffany’s eyes. They are piercing into my skin. She wants me gone more than Asher does.

I glance over at my parents. My mom is crying and smiling. I burry my head into his suit as my smile turns to a sob. Tried to pretend like the tears were coming from the right eye and not from the left. “Smile. Smile for the cameras. Everyone is watching. We are married and you cannot do anything about it,” he says as he gives me a fake smile. Our life is ruined and I don’t know what I can do. I ruined my father’s company, all of my family’s hard work because now it is going to be destroyed. I let Asher in, I let his family in. It’s like his father hired a PI to investigate us, but didn’t spend any money. Just let his son do it and made everyone around me feel the same way he did. 

How did I not know that when I play with fire, I was going to get burned. I’ve gone up against enemies and those private school girls who tried to go up against me on the social ladder. I always came out on top, but I don’t think this is something I can buy my way out of. I put everything we have on the line and I don’t know if we can get it back. 

After the dance I swiftly grab Tiffany’s arm and pull her aside. “Are you mad? Why would you even do this to me? After all that we’ve been through! After all that I have done for you!” I scream at her with a tongue full of hatred, trying to make it as calm as possible. “Queen Esther Bennett, didn’t get her way. Oh boo ho. Look, you always been on top and it is time for you to be taken down from your rein. After your family is taken down, it will be mine and Asher’s families on top. I will get the spotlight that I have always deserved, as the new Queen of New York. Your time is up Esther, there is a new royal in New York,” she spits at me with the same hatred. Tiffany walks away and I am just in awe. I have been her friend through EVERYTHING. How could she betray me like this? Just for the power, the fame that I have. She just wanted to take it all away as much as the Liptons.

I loved him, I thought he could be my happy ending. All he ever cared about what his money, his name. Asher extends his hand out from a distance as I turn around with a face of disgust. His father is staring me down. I take a deep breath and walk into his arms. I must play his game until I find a plan to not lose everything I have.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Pack a Suitcase, Wander To The Next Town....."

Author's Note: Have you ever wanted to know the feeling of running away? Not like away from your parents as a kid because they didn't let you eat the last cookie, but away from your fears and your life full of misery. Ellie Goulding is one of my favorite singers and she explains so much in this song about living your own life and following your dreams. She inspired me to base this piece off of her song, "I'll Hold My Breath".This is my point of view paper. I know it is a little bit shorter then my normal pieces but please do enjoy.:) 

Fight fires in your best clothes,
Touch skin with your eyes closed
Chase thunder with the volume down
Pack a suitcase, wander to the next town
Force quit on your losing streak
Solve a riddle in a magazine, be tongue in cheek
Tell me that we're still too young,
That we're still too young and I'll hold my tongue
Until you see me in your dreams
We'll stay awake beneath the trees
We'll watch the buildings turn to dust
A sky of diamonds just for us
You are the risk I'll always take
The only branch I'll never break
Those fears we'll blow them all away, we'll blow them all away”- Ellie Goulding “I’ll Hold My Breath”

Take a risk with me. As you live your life, remember that you’re not young forever.Take chances and explore with me. Grab my hand and we’ll live like there is no tomorrow. Why not? We’re young, creative, bold, and so lively. That world is out there for us to be in. Learn from my courage and you will have some yourself. Put the same trust in me as I put in you. Just lean forward and let go. This world is open for us and we should take advantage of the beauteous it beholds.

I have watched you live in fear, in angst your whole life. Neither of us can bear to see you in so much pain, worry. Don’t be afraid, my friend. Come with me and I will show you all of the wonders that are right in front of your eyes. Let your dreams be your realities of tomorrow. You do have dreams, don’t you? Dreams where it’s just you and me,  while watching all of our fears  wash away behind us. Dreams that your life will be better than it is today. You just wait and see.

Life doesn’t have to be so scary! I know you have so much to be scared about, but it is all unnecessary fear. This world is fun and exciting, crazy while being serious. There is so much you haven’t seen that I can show you. Pack a suitcase, catch that flight, find the last train to Paris and take it. As long as I’m with you, everything will be alright.

This mighty world is open for us to explore, let’s take advantage of it. Our souls are earning for this freedom because, we’re not going to be young forever. Live life while you can and do not be afraid, I am with you. As you take my hand, these risks will be taken together and we will be unstoppable. Let the wind take your fears and let your hand fall into mine.

(song lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/elliegoulding/illholdmybreath.html)