"I like to be a free spirit. Some don't like that, but that's the way I am." - Princess Diana

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

That One Question:

Author's Note: This is just a little something I created while working on my last piece. I thought it maybe could be the beginning of a movie, or it sure does sound like it. If it was the thoughts of the character and they were said slowly, I think it could suit a movie. It is a question that people just want to know the answer to but, the answer is right in front of them.

         “What is the meaning of life?” This is the question most people wonder the about the true answer. There are many answers but, there is only one that I realized really suited the higher meaning everyone is searching for. The answer everyone has been trying to figure out, but it is rather simple............ “The meaning of life is to have a life of meaning.” 

            How do you know when it's going to end?  How do you know when your entire life will flash before your eyes? How do you know when the last tear will fall and the last heart will be broken? When do you know if it was all worth it?  I don’t think you can know and I don’t think you can ever figure it out......... All you can do is wonder.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All He Ever Wanted Was To Be Loved......

Author’s Note: This story explains the feelings of a young boy who is abused and isn’t shown love from his mother. His father tries to stop her but it’s already too late...... I know I can make a long paper on this subject with more detail and description but, I wanted to make this one shorter. It is a heart-filled piece that I completely wrote from a different person's point of view and none from personal experience. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
            “PAPA!”,”PAPA!”, I screamed as my mother pulled me away from his arms. “MAMA DON’T, PLEASE!”, I begged while her grip on my arm was so tight, I swear it was cutting my skin.
“SHUT UP!”, she screamed as she slapped me right across my face so hard that her print was on my cheek.
“CARROL! Please don’t do this! Please!”, my papa yelled as he started coming towards me. Mama looked to her right and saw a kitchen knife on the counter. As my father tried to help me up, my mother stabbed him in the back and he fell next to me.
“PAPA!”, I screamed as I tried to be by his side but, my mother picked me up by my arm and started to the door.

All my papa wanted to do was help me. Mama hurt me, she kicked me. She hurt him to and he couldn’t stop her. She was always drinking and swearing right at me.  All my papa wanted was for me to feel loved.
        I was barley conscious when I was thrown into the back seat of the car. As I lay on the ground I hear the engine start and my mother raced out of there. I didn’t say a word because I didn’t want to feel more pain. She was swerving and speeding, I knew she was drunk. I knew it. It was a snowy winter evening and most of the roads were blocked off because of the blizzard and all of the ice it left. All I did was sit and pray, pray that my papa would be alright, that my family would be safe. Next thing I know she is shouting at me. Telling me that I am the reason her life is like this. Telling me that I’m the reason she is drinking. That I am the reason she had to leave my father.
        I look up and all I see is a flash of light blocking my vision. I knew my mama wasn’t looking at the road but, I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t speak. My life was flashing before my eyes and all I could do was let it. My body stayed, but my soul rose. It rose to God.

Adam Mercer
“May He always Be In
The Arms Of God”

Here Lies Next To His Son

William Mercer
“May God Save His Soul
And Let Him Rest In Peace.”

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Author's Note: This piece is showing the point of view of a young girl being rejected by the girls in her grade. This whole story is not real; it is based off of real events though. I really like writing novelist stories because I really like getting into the character I'm writing about, please enjoy. Feed-back is always appreciated!

February 21,2009

 “Run, she’s coming! Run.” Brittany would say to the group as they all darted toward the playground. “Do I chase after them? Or do I just walk away.”, I thought as I looked at them in silence. I slowly start walking towards them as they sit on the monkey bars. “We just want to be alone freak, leave! And never come back.”, Brittany said as she rolled her eyes at me. “Okay, sorry to bother you.” I said as I turned and started walking. None of the other girl stood up to Brittany in the clique because they know Brittany is too quick to judge so they all kept silent.  I felt the tears starting to bundle up inside because this isn’t the first time this has happened. What do I do now? I can’t tell a teacher because then the girls will get in trouble and I will have to play with someone I don’t like. I don’t really have any other friends to be with. So I just sat in my hidden spot under the tree and put my hands over my eyes, trying to block the tears. If a teacher came around I would just say that I was counting in a game of hide and go seek with all the other girls. I just sat and waited till the bell rang. When that time came all of the other girls walked in a line with their arms locked together whispering and giggling, looking back at me. Alone.

March 5, 2009

I did have a great friend at school once. Her name was Jenna and she was the best friend I ever had at that school. Until, Brittany did not approve of Jenna hanging out with me. Brittany made Jenna feel more accepted in the clique then with me. She made her feel like she belonged with them. Brittany took Jenna away from me and left me alone in the dust. The worst part of all this was watching Jenna leave, because after Jenna left, she never came back.

Brittany manipulated Jenna to hate me and make fun of me behind my back. In no time Jenna was the ring leader’s assistant of the clique. Brittany and the girls used Jenna to hurt me and Jenna didn’t realize that until it was too late.

June 11, 2010

 “The reason we tricked you into not going to the party was because we all hate you. Nobody even cares if you die right now, nobody has ever cared about you and nobody ever will. Just go kill yourself, so we don't ever have to look at you ever again.”, was the message I got from Jenna at the end of this year. This is where I lost it. This is when I realized that those girls were never my friends, they were always the enemy.

Brittany’s plan all along was to make me suffer and she knew the right girl for the job, one of my old best friends, Jenna. I don’t think Brittany knew it would go this far and I don’t think she realized how much this hurt.
I’m only a child, why am I going though all of this pain, this hurt.
I don’t see why I’m here and I don’t see how I can get out. 


This was the last diary entire that Lily had ever written and it is the last one she will ever write. It was a dark, dreary day in late November as the leaves blew in the wind, I watched my sister lay in her casket with flowers and memories surrounding her. She was only 13 when she decided she had nothing else to live for. As I sit here and read her diary and see all of this pain, this suffering, drain out of it, I realized that I never knew or understood how unhappy she was and I never knew that this was happening or that it had gone this far. Lily wouldn't talk to me about it or to any of us all for that matter. She was always locked in her room and who knows what she did in there. By the end of the year, her sleeves were always long and her face was always dark but, now my sister is gone. She is gone because she was different. She is gone because she was herself.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nobody Said It Would Be Easy....They Just Promised It Would Be Worth It.

Author's Note: I really enjoy this quote because it can explain a lot about life and how you have to realize the direction it is taking you. It explains that it doesn't matter how hard life will be or how hard it is. It just says that life will all be worth it. 

Quote: “Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who don’t.
And believe that everything happens for a reason......
if you get the chance-take it;
if it changes your life. Let it.
Nobody said it would be easy.
They just promised it would be worth it.”- Anonymous

    Sometimes quotes can make you realize how you feel. They show how your life is being lived or how you want it to be lived. They show how you feel about someone or how you did feel about someone.  Sometimes they can make you reveal the tears or the smiles. This quote can go both ways. It shows me how life is too short and too precious to waste your time on this earth.  You cannot surround your-self with people that don’t make you happy or accept you for who you are. You have to share your gifts with the world and with the people that make you smile. You also have to believe that everything happens for a reason. If its heartbreak, makeup, death, life, happiness and sorrow remember,  it all happens for a reason which is to show you the meaning of life or how to have a life of meaning. It teaches me that if you get a chance in life, take it, because maybe an opportunity like that may never come again. Also, if it changes your life or changes your outlook on life, let it. Let it take you to new heights or new expectations. You never know where the road might lead you and you'll never know if you don’t try.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Point of View of A Christmas Present

 Author Note: The life of an expensive Christmas gift who didn't think they would be picked to buy.It shows their emotion and thoughts within this piece. I do enjoy writing novelist stories, not so much point of view work so bear with me! 

     I really like this! I get to sit on this shelf with all my friends, in the middle of Macy’s. I get the Lush Soap shop is right next door so I smell so nice. I’m a pretty big bag with a pretty big price tag. I never thought I would be bought because of my price but, I stood tall and proud at the beginning of the stack. Until one chill winter day, just before Christmas. A lady stood and stared at me and she picked me up within looking at the tag on my strap. She looked at my friends quickly then turned back to me. This is it, I thought, I am being bought!.I was put on the counter and then almost suffocated in this huge bag with a folded box next to my back. About an hour later I was placed in a little closet with other shopping bags. Was I going to be wrapped for Christmas! This will be so exciting!, I thought to my self.
    I was wrapped a few days later then I was placed under the family’s Christmas tree. This is so cool! I feel so appreciated.  I thought as I counted down the days till Christmas. It’s Christmas day and I was opened last out of all the girl’s gifts. I knew I was the biggest but the look on her face was priceless. She kept sniffing me. It was kind of weird, but I knew I smelled good.
  The girl name was Mada (that was the name on the tag) and she immediately switched her binder and pencil case over to my bag from her other one. I layed on the floor of her room until school started again. This was great! I felt special, so important! I was being used to my full potential and it was so cool.