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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 Author's Note: Two young adults, living on their own. Loving ever second of it, until it all goes wrong in an instant. You should realize to love the people in your life because you never know when it is their time to go.

     It’s not fair, that you are gone. That I have this hole in my heart that can never be filled. He was my husband, my everything. You were me, I was you. We were together. You truly were my missing puzzle piece, but now I’m not complete. 
    The sun beamed over us in Los Angeles California. We were living in a small house just outside of the city. Just two crazy kids, who fell in love. We could barely pay the rent but, It didn’t matter because I knew I loved you.
    He was going to drive out to Seattle, WA  to be with his family for Christmas. I was going to drive out later in the day to my home in Wisconsin to be home for Christmas, too. His car was packed and we were saying our goodbyes. “I will see you when I get home at New Years, I promise.” he said as we enjoyed our last embrace. “Okay, I love you, be safe.” I said, feeling like I was about to cry but I knew I would see him soon. “I love you too!”, he said as he climbed into his car. As I stood on the porch watching his car drive away. I watched him stop at his stop sign then accelerate. Then out of nowhere, a car almost twice the size of his, smashed his, on his side of the car.  “JACK!”, I screamed as I started running to his car. The tears started falling, they swept across my face. I ran up to his car. “JACK, Jack PLEASE!”, I shouted as I tried to look for him. His seat-belt was never put on and his head was smashed up against the glass.
    The impact of that car was so great that Jack didn’t survive. I watched as the doctors tried to retrieve his life but did not succeed. I sat in that hospital hallway alone, crying. Jack is gone and now, I am alone.
    When I got back to our home, I went up stairs, in the bedroom. I looked up, all of our memories were scattered around the floor and pinned up to the walls. I took slow steps and I ran my finger along the walls, remembering the memories, remembering the time I was happy. When I was in the center of my bed room and I just fell to the floor. The tears streamed in my eyes and onto my lap. I loved his smile and that look that he gave, just me. Now I am on the floor surrounded by my love and lost, heartbroken.

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