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Monday, December 5, 2011

Enjoy The Night While You Can.......

Author's Note: This piece was written for our Creative Writing Group in Language Arts. It is a horror story that explains three girls who are going to a school Halloween dance, looking for a fun night but it turns for the worst.

    “What if Alex asks me to dance!” says Addison, “I’m so excited!” “I’m flying solo tonight girls, I’m so over Peter.” says Tyler. “Oh really!, Then why do you text him nonstop!”, says Adam while reading her messages. “Give me that!” squeals Tyler. “Ha ha fine.” as Adam lets go, “I swear, I feel like something bad is going to happen tonight. I can feel it.” “So what if its a Halloween dance, Adam you have been reading to many horror theories in your nerdy science books.” nags Addison. “No but really, just be careful.” Adam says with terror in her quiet voice.  “What ever” Addison and Tyler say intandum.  
    They arrive to the dance, quarter after nine. Moons out, they got there costumes on. Addison is a princess, Tyler is an Indian, and Adam doesn’t care too much so she didn’t dress up. “Welcome students to the Constance Halloween Dance. Drinks and food are in the lobby being sold by the student council. Have fun!” says Mr. Filmore the principle over the microphone. “Look, Alex and his group are over there.” squeals Addison. “Addie calm down, if he wants to dance with you he will ask.” says Tyler. The dance is almost over and the first slow song comes on. “Oh my gosh he is coming over here!” says Addison. “Hey Addie, um I was just wondering if you wanted to dance?” says Alex. “Sure.” says Addison while she is blushing so noticeably. “Have fun”, whispers Adam, “We will be over here.”
       The song is almost over, Addie always checks back to make sure here friends are there, giving her winks and thumbs ups. She feels like she is flying, soaring while dancing with the boy of her dreams. At the last verse of the song the song stops suddenly. All the lights go out, blackout. There is a sudden scream, then it is silenced. The lights go on after a long 5 seconds. Tyler and Addison both look at each other in shock. Tyler looks over, Adam isn’t there. “Where did she go!” says Addie with fear. “I don’t know but I think it was her scream!” Tyler says frantically. “Students, students settle down. There was just a power surge.” Mr. Filmore says over the microphone. “Sorry Alex I have to go, Adam is missing.” Addie says in shock. “Okay, want help looking?” says Alex. “No, we can just go alone. I’m sorry.” Addie says in rush. “Lets go!” says Tyler.
      Tyler and Addie run out of the gym and into the hallway. “Where is she?” Tyler whispers. “I don’t know.” Addie says. Suddenly a faint scream is in the background. “What was that!” Addie shrieks. “I don’t know! I think it came from down the stairs!”, Tyler replied.”Lets go!”, Addie says while she is walking toward the door. They rush down the stairs. The doors swung open as they tried to look around the pitch black room. “HELP ME!!!! ADDIE, TYLER, ANYONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!” a loud scream came from the other side of the room behind a locked door. They knew it was Adam. They ran over and tried opening the door, it wouldn’t budge. “HELP ADDIE TYLER PLEASE!! HE IS TRYING TO KILL ME PLEASE!” the end of her scream was the beginning of her cry, you could here it in her voice. The old door had a few holes it in that the girls were looking out of. “Help!, HELP!” Adam screamed as the shadowed figure pulled her back from the door. “ADAM! ADAM!” both the girls screamed as they watched as their best friend being tortured by a masked killer. They both watched the blood and tears stream down her face as she fell to the ground. “HELP help” Adam says with all she has left. “ADAM!”, they both said as they stood there in shock with teary eyes.The killer looked up at the girls as they stood in fear. “Run.” he said. They both darted for the door and up the stairs. The dance ended and no one was in the building. “WHERE DO WE GO!”, Addie yelled. “EXIT!, EXIT!”, Tyler screeched still in so much fear of what just happened. “IT’S LOCKED, LOCKED!”, Addie screams as they hear footsteps coming from the downstairs staircase. “UPSTAIRS!” Tyler screams.
      They both sprint for their lives as they look behind them in fear. They feel as if they are in a horror movie. The stage is set and they are the victims. As they are running as fast as they could on the upstairs floor, Addie gets snatched into the science class room by another masked killer. “ADDIE!” Tyler yells as she runs to the door but is too late before it slams. “Addie! NO!”, Tyler yells. Tyler’s long blond hair was pulled into the room next door. Tyler flew her elbow back and knocked the man out. He fell to the ground and let go of his hold. Tyler darted and she ran for her life down the hallway. “TYLER PLEASE!!!! ANYONE HELP!” Addie! Tyler knew she had to help her, but she had to help herself too. “The rope in the gym office! That’s it!” Tyler said to herself. The climbing rope in the gym office was her only way to lower herself and Addie down from the 2nd floor. She ran to the office, grabbed the rope and the fire extinguisher. “TYLER PLEASE!” Addie screamed in pain. Tyler sprinted to the science room watched Addie scream in pain. Tyler ran up to the man, who was torturing her best friend and smacked him with the fire extinguisher. He fell to the ground. Tyler picked up Addie and said “Addie its okay, I’m gonna get you outta here!” Tyler tied the top of the rope on the ledge of the windowsill. She picked up Addison with all she had left and put her over her shoulder. She lowered herself with Addie. They hit the ground. “Help me Tyler, please!”, Addie screamed in pain. Tyler looked down at her friend who was lying on the ground. She saw the blood stained on Addie’s dress. “Tyler, help it hurts, it hurts!” “It’s gonna be okay Addie, don’t stop breathing Addie please don’t!” Tyler said as the tears rolled down her eyes. Tyler took out her phone and called 911 and the ambulance was on it’s way. “Tyler I don’t know if i can hold on any longer.”, Addie said in a little breath. “Please Addie, hold on! I don’t want to lose you!”, Tyler begged as she was holding Addie in her arms.  “I love you like a sister Tyler, tell my parents I love them too.”, Addie said with all she had left. “No Addie, No! Don’t leave me, please!!”, Tyler screamed. “Goodbye.........Tyler.”, Addie said in her last dying breath. “Addie No PLEASE!”, Tyler said knowing all hope was lost. Addie didn’t respond. “Addie, no.”, Tyler said as her tears fell even quicker than before. She held her best friend with all the strength she had left, “Addie, I love you too.” She whispered to her knowing that she wouldn’t hear a response. Tyler sat there, with her best friend in her arms, waiting for help.
        Two of the three friends died that night. The police found Adam’s body in the basement of the school and the paramedics tried to retrieve Addie’s life, but it was too late. It still haunts Tyler till this day. She was afraid to go to school until later that year she was even afraid to leave her bedroom for a long time. The story made headlines and reporters came to her house to talk to her, she wouldn’t even talk to her parents until long after that night. She is scared for life and no one knows the real story but her.

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