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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Point of View of A Christmas Present

 Author Note: The life of an expensive Christmas gift who didn't think they would be picked to buy.It shows their emotion and thoughts within this piece. I do enjoy writing novelist stories, not so much point of view work so bear with me! 

     I really like this! I get to sit on this shelf with all my friends, in the middle of Macy’s. I get the Lush Soap shop is right next door so I smell so nice. I’m a pretty big bag with a pretty big price tag. I never thought I would be bought because of my price but, I stood tall and proud at the beginning of the stack. Until one chill winter day, just before Christmas. A lady stood and stared at me and she picked me up within looking at the tag on my strap. She looked at my friends quickly then turned back to me. This is it, I thought, I am being bought!.I was put on the counter and then almost suffocated in this huge bag with a folded box next to my back. About an hour later I was placed in a little closet with other shopping bags. Was I going to be wrapped for Christmas! This will be so exciting!, I thought to my self.
    I was wrapped a few days later then I was placed under the family’s Christmas tree. This is so cool! I feel so appreciated.  I thought as I counted down the days till Christmas. It’s Christmas day and I was opened last out of all the girl’s gifts. I knew I was the biggest but the look on her face was priceless. She kept sniffing me. It was kind of weird, but I knew I smelled good.
  The girl name was Mada (that was the name on the tag) and she immediately switched her binder and pencil case over to my bag from her other one. I layed on the floor of her room until school started again. This was great! I felt special, so important! I was being used to my full potential and it was so cool.

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