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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Do You Want To Dance With Me..........?"

Author's Note: This piece was written as a work of fiction for this love story. This explains the love story between two people who were brought together by fate.

     “Do you want to dance with me?”- When those simple words came out of his mouth I knew he was the one. It all started when me and my best girl friends strutted into this other school’s dance like we knew what we were doing. We considered ourselves dance crashers with our homemade neon shirts and our super bright glow sticks. We felt like we were on top of the world. Our night only got better. 
       It was my old school’s dance so I knew a few people. One of my good old friends Rent was there and we hung out and they caught up as good friends. All of us girls were all in a circle, talking and dancing when this really good-looking group of 8th grade guys came up and started fist pumping with us to the beat.
       During a different song, they did it again and I caught the eye of the group leader. He was tall, sweet hair it was like everything you want! During the slow song my friend went up to this boy and told him to ask me to dance. “Do you want to dance with me?” he said as he grabbed my hand. “Sure,” I said with with a big flirty grim on my face. I learned that his name is Joseph and he is an 8th grader at a different private school. I told him I go to public school and I am an 7th grader, he didn’t seem to mind.  His friend asked my friend Addie to dance at the same time. “YES!” she said in an instant.We met a boy named Morry and he asked Tyler to dance. She never stopped talking about how much joy she felt when they were dancing. We all got to dance with someone and that night, we knew we were on top of the world. Best night, ever. 


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