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Friday, December 9, 2011

Jacob or Edward? Not that hard of a decision.....

Authors Note: This short story was written to describe my feelings toward the Jacob and Edward despute. 
           Jacob or Edward? Really not that hard of a decision. You either like a gross, pale, blood-sucking vampire or a hot, muscular, good-looking werewolf. Your choice, but who would I pick? JACOB, obviously! Who wouldn’t love him? Give me 10 good reasons why I should pick otherwise. To me, Edward’s a creep! Sure he saves Bella and protects her but, Jacob saved her child. He is the real hero. 
        Edward watches Bella as she sleeps which is totally creepy. I know he is a vampire and all, but he always just looks like he wants to kill everyone in the room. His cold skin and pale face, icky. Jacob is the real hero. He has always been there for Bella when Edward isn’t.  He has always stuck with her in the good and bad times. He is so kind, caring and totally good-looking which is always a plus. When the bad werewolves tried to kill Bella’s baby Jacob the imprinted on the baby to keep it from dying. This means that Jacob will always protect the baby and care for her. Sure Edward does a lot for Bella like saving her life in every movie but, Jacob has the plus of being so hot. I’m definitely team  Jacob but I don’t care very much. I am not a huge fan girl, but the Harry Potter Series? Definitely a obsessed fan.

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