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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You Will Always Be Loved

 Author's Note: This book essay explains the book Tuck Everlasting. Even though it is an older book, it still is an amazing piece of children's literature. I feel that we can't keep reading the new and not realize the beauty of the old pieces of literature. More and more people of this generation just don't get it and it is a real shame. So I decided to do my essay on this book and I hope you enjoy.

Just a sip and you could live forever. Just a taste and you would be immortal. A sweet, chill drink of this pure water can make your life never have to end. Legions call it the Fountain of Youth. It’s known to be a spring that if you drink of it, you will never die or never grow old. When one family, desperate for water, takes a drink, the pure beauty of the spring shines within them. In the novel “Tuck Everlasting” the author, Natalie Babbit, explains how a young girl named Winnie Foster is exploring the meanings of life while she spends time with the Tuck family. The author shows that if you that there is always someone out there that cares for you, whether you know it or not.

How would you feel if your whole life was ruled by adults? What if, your imagination was never able to be free? What would you do, if you couldn’t leave your home and explore the world? This is the life of Winnie Foster. She is a ten-year old girl in the 1880s, whose parents keep her sheltered from the outside world. Her family is the richest and eldest in all of town and they own all of the woods. Winnie wants to run away and escape this life. Her boredom and frustration has gotten the best of her. Would you want to escape? If I were Winnie, I would want to escape from that world, maybe just for a while. Her whole life she has been sheltered and her imagination has been locked up,but she knows there is so much more to her than this world she has been given. I can very much relate to how Winnie just wants to escape. When you have been told what to do your whole life and not being able to be yourself,  wouldn’t you want to leave? Wouldn’t you want to be surrounded by people who know you for you?

This is all Winnie wanted. She wanted to be free and be surrounded by people in her life that didn’t know her as Winnie Foster, the rich daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Foster. She wanted them to know her as Winnie, the girl with a big imagination and a free heart. And that is who the Tuck’s knew her as. One morning, Winnie went out in the woods to start her escape she peers out and sees a teenage boy drinking from a spring under a tree. She asks him why he is drinking from this spring and his name.”I’m Jesse Tuck and I was just thirsty but, no one else can drink from it.” he says as he realizes he has said to much. “Why not, this is my woods. I can drink from what ever spring I want to.”, Winnie says confident but also very confused. As she speaks the rest of the Tuck Family surrounds them, Mae Tuck and Miles Tuck, Jesse’s mother and brother. “Jesse, what does she know”, Mae says with more loving of a voice than Winnie expected. “More than she needs too, we must explain to her”, Jesse says. They have Winnie get on the back of Miles’ horse and go deeper in the woods. Winnie was frightened for her life. She didn’t know what to expect, technically she was just kidnapped.

Winnie didn’t have any idea what was going to happen but she knew that they seemed like gentle people. The Tuck Family explained to Winnie that the water from that spring granted you immortal life and one day they all drank from it, eighty-seven years ago. They never grew older and if they were injured it left them no pain. The Tuck’s didn’t ever want this secret getting out and they knew Winnie would be too curious when she met Jesse. I would be so frightened if I were Winnie. She was just taken into some-one's home, told an unbelievable story, and has no choice but to believe them. None of them knew at the time, but there was a man in a yellow suit, watching and listening to the whole story. When Mae Tuck found out,  Winnie had to stay with the family for a little bit to keep her and the Tuck’s secret safe. Now she has to stay with strangers? I would be so scared but, Winnie was brave and made friends with this family.

Over this time, Winnie became very fond of the Tucks. I feel that she enjoyed their company so much because she felt so free and herself when she was with them. That is really all that Winnie wanted. She needed to be herself around people that cares for her. Winnie and Jesse start to spark a relationship, even though they are 7 years apart or technicality, 70 years apart their feelings were still there. I feel that there relationship was so destined to be and he helps her see the beauty of life. Jesse helps her explore the rest of the world than just outside of her home. He helps her be free and live her life the way that she wants to.That is truly what she needed, too see the beauty of this world.

When the relation between Winnie and the Tucks becomes stronger, all of this time that man has been watching them and has informed Winnie’s parents about her well being in exchange for the part of the woods with the spring because he wants it all to himself. Could you imagine being Winnie’s parents? I would be worried sick if my daughter was just kidnapped. Don’t you think  they must have been wondering why she would have want to leave in the first place? I know I would be. So the parents sent out looking for Winnie with the local sheriffs and other search groups. The scary man who has been watching the Tucks appears to them and attempts to kidnap Winnie but, as Jesse jumps to save her, the man shoots him in the heart. Jesse does not die, so the man knew that this spring was real. As the man threatens Winnie, Mae Tuck grabs a shovel and smacks the man on the back of the head. She thought of Winnie as one of her own and would do anything to protect her. To Mae, Winnie is like the daughter she never had and Mae is so grateful to have Winnie in her life but, this is soon about to change. I would feel so blessed if I were Mae, she finally has this relation with a young girl that she feels is her own.

Not soon after Mae hits the man, he appears to be dead and Winnie’s parents find her in the woods with the Tucks. They arrest Mae and take Winnie home. Mae Tuck is sentence to be hung for her actions, but she will not die and the secret will be out. To be in Winnie’s shoes would be heart-breaking  because she has become so fond of the time she spent with the Tucks and with Jesse that she never wanted it to end but she helps them escape so Mae doesn’t have to reveal the secret. Jesse wants her to run away with them and drink from the spring. He wants her to be with him forever. Winnie promises him that they will see each other soon.

With this story line, I never knew it would be such a heart touching, romantic story. I felt that connection between Winnie and Jesse. He wants her to be with him for as long as he shall live but Winnie couldn’t abandon her parents. Choosing between love and family is probably one of the hardest decisions anyone can make. You love both so, that giving up one almost seems impossible. Winnie feels that she doesn’t have to, she lived a long happy life with her family but kept her promise to Jesse. She knows that they will meet again someday and she will never forget him.

You know, there is always someone out there that cares for you, whether you know it or not. You just have to go find them, like Winnie did. She took a risk that turned into an adventure she will never forget. Winnie allowed herself to see the world through a different perspective that created a positive impact on her own. Even though she never drank from the spring, she still knows that the Tucks are always with her and always in her heart. She helps others know that there is always someone out there that will love you and care for you. The author lets us know, that even when you feel drowned of boredom and confusion, you can always find the joy within life if your heart is always open.  

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