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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Because Of You, I Am Afraid.

Author's Note: Well I've always loved this song but, I feel as If now I have just found the real meaning within it. This is a very fictional piece but I feel that I have captured the real meaning within these verses of the song "Because of You" By Kelly Clarkson. (I know I have been posting a lot of short stories lately but, I hope you enjoy!)

“Because of you
I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid

I don't know how to let anyone else in
Because of you
I'm ashamed of my life because it's empty
Because of you
I am afraid”-Kelly Clarkson

I’ve escaped. I left the miserable life that I had and am given a new one. All new people, a new surrounding, a new beginning. When I walk through those doors for the first time, I was afraid. My whole life I’ve learned to see the most negative in people and I feel as if I cannot let anyone else in to see the real me. You made me insecure, miserable. Those feelings don’t  just disappear because I don’t have to see you everyday. You made me afraid to let others in. You made me afraid to be myself.

You should have known. Known the impact that your actions left me. Sure, I escaped from you and your posse but that hurt and anger towards you and myself doesn’t just go away. I feel as if I have learned the hard way to know people. I don’t know them for themselves because I live in fear. Fear that they will turn out just like you................ “Because of you, I am afraid.”

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  1. Mada!
    I absolutely love this song! I thought that this piece was a really nice piece even though all of them are awesome :)