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Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring District Writing Assesment

 Author's Note:  The Hunger Games was one of those books that strives to take that risk of something that would never exist, but wow did it succeed! This is my District Writing Exam and I really tried to connect with the main aspects of this book.  I really tried to get inside the author's head and see why she made so many connections within this book. Not just the Hunger Games game where young adults fight to the death but the people behind the games. Katniss, Peeta, Rue, Prim, I really tried to understand all of those connections. Enjoy!

I look up into the faces of my competitors, seeing the fire within their eyes. 10....9.....8. I turn to Peeta, whose eyes were filled with fear, but his heart with courage. 7.....6....5. I peer up towards the screen to see all of the people that believe I’m Katniss, the Girl on Fire. 4....3...2...1 And fire I shall be. Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games, exclaims the passion and courage that this young girl Katniss has when she takes her sister’s place in a battle to the death. The author teaches us readers a lesson that no matter how old you are or what situation you are put into, you just have to be strong and find that courage to make it through.

“Primrose Everdeen”, Effie Trinket calls out. “Prim”, Katniss thinks as she used to believe that it was impossible for her sister’s name to be picked out of millions. “I volunteer as tribute”, Katniss says knowing she couldn’t bear to watch her sister go through all of this pain and suffer. She took the place of Prim in The Hunger Games, a fight to the death of 24 young people that is broadcasted throughout the whole country of Panam, just for the Capitol’s enjoyment. Reading this book I felt the knots in my stomach just multiplying, feeling as if I were Katniss. She just accepted the challenge of having the chance to be brutally killed, just for her sister. Katniss didn’t care. She knew that she could never ever see Prim die, not like this. I feel as if this was the first step the author took in explaining Katniss’ courage and bravery.

The author did not just stop there. During Katniss’ being in the Hunger Games, she fought to stay alive for Prim and Peeta. Peeta was the other tribute from District 12 in the Hunger Games and before they were in the Hunger Games, they had to pretend to be in love to gain sponsors and publicity. Being in Katniss’ shoes would be kind of stressful during this time. She had to pretend to be this fun loving, love struck, teenage girl when really she is a fighter who is full of courage and compassion. If I were Katniss, pretending to be someone I’m not would be an honest challenge indeed but, she accepted it. It was a main factor in keeping her and Peeta alive for so long during the games. To me, I feel that she and Peeta played it off so well. So well, that during the games, their feelings for each other became real. Katniss learned to really care for him. She learned what it means to be in love and so did Peeta.

I feel as if this next topic came up in my mind so many times while reading this book. What if I were in The Hunger Games? My life would change or be ended for sure. My main concern while being in the games would be to stay alive, but that wasn’t Katniss’ main concern. During the games, she cared for others as well as herself. The youngest contestant, Rue, was a twelve year old girl who just wanted to be with her family. She reminded Katniss so much of Prim, so much, that Katniss cared for her as she would for Prim. When the arrow was shot by a boy from District 1, the tears started to fall, and Rue’s life was ended. I definitely started to tear up while reading this part. I felt Katniss’ pain; she loved Rue and tried to keep her alive. After this, the Gamemakers announced that two members from the same District can win together. All that was on Katniss’ mind was winning with Peeta, for Prim and….Rue.

It doesn’t matter your age or the situation if you find that courage and strength, you can do anything. The author wanted to explain the courage that Katniss has and the bravery that Peeta now knows exists. Katniss and Peeta learned a lot about each other during the games as well as themselves. They both help each other realize that there was more to their lives that they didn’t even know. Katniss and Peeta both discovered themselves and who they are during the games. They both gained the courage and respect that now has been bestowed upon them.

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