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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ground Zero.

Author's Note:  The aniversery of 9/11/01 just happens and it had me thinking. How affected were the lives of the victims and loved ones?We all know the affect that 9/11 had on the people who lost loved ones. This hasn't happened to me so I'm just trying to figure out the emotions of those who have lost ones. This is not part of school work but I wanted to make a piece like this. Feedback is always appreciated!:)

“This may seem obsene but I keep living knowing I will see you soon. And I feel this way because life is a race and you have set the pace for now.”-Brittani Taylor

It is a beautiful Tuesday morning in September. I’m at home with a baby in my stomach that
could come out any minute. As I make coffee, I turn on the morning news and ask “Cream honey?”. “No, I’m already late!”, he says as he butters the toast out of the toaster.  This is my husband, my co-worker, and my bestfriend. We both work on floor 87 of the South Twin Tower and who knew on today, September 11th, 2001. That it would collapse.

“I love you!”, he says as he kisses me and the baby goodbye. “Call me right away if you feel as if today is the day, call Cathy to take you to the hospital and I’ll meet you there.” he exclaims as he grabs his briefcase. “Ohh I know the drill! Go, you’ll be late.”, I say as I hand him his coffee. He walked through the door. “I love you too.”, I say louder than normal as I put away the cream and sugar. It’s around 7 o’clock as I check my home desktop for work reports I can type on my computer that are sent from my boss. I feel like, today is the day. Today will be the day my life will change.

Its around 8:45 when I look up at the NYC morning news and see a plane hitting the North Twin Tower. Right as the plane hit the tower, I felt a kick in my stomach
I just stared in awe, thinking “Is my husband okay?”, “Why on earth did that happen?”, “That kick really hurt.” I look outside of my doorstep and can see the faint city and all of the smoke comming out of that tower. I took a shower and come back out in all clean clothes. And I look down and see that my water just broke. “O, God.” I think. I race to the phone to call my neighbor and great friend Cathy. “Cathy! My water just broke! and Daniel isn’t home!” I say and I grab my bag and cell phone. She races over and we get in her car. It is around 8:59 in the morning. I call Daniel, “Dan! Dan! My water just broke! Are you okay? Are you out of the tower?” I say as we race towards the city to the hospital. “Honey, I’m okay, me and the rest of the people on our floor are still in the building. We are going to leave as soon as possible. Honey! That is great! I’ll meet you at the hospital in te....nn...O.My....OH MY GOD. Rachel, I love you so very much tell our daughter I love her to..o....” he says as I look up at his tower. “NO! OH MY GOD NNO!” I say as I cover my mouth I watched my husband’s tower get hit and all I could see is him looking out of the window seeing that plane comming, and telling me he loved me one last time. All I hear is a ring-------on the phone. “Cathy...he’s dead.”

Grace Bennett was born on September 11, 2001.
Daniel Bennett died on September 11, 2001.

The police found parts of his body and identified that this was him.
I believe that is is all in God’s plan that Grace was born on that day and that I am left a widow from that day. But, why wasn’t it me in that tower instead of him.?
I join most of New York, grieving the dead. Since it was him and not me I will make the best life for our baby girl that I can.

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