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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Can Fly

Author's Note:  Some children grow up earlier than others do. Some experience more than others. In this narrative piece, I describe in full detail, the time I rode an airplane, alone. This is a District Writing Exam piece. Please enjoy!

I can't wait to see the world. I can't wait to be on my own. Maybe, just not yet. The experiences when I am young, all lead up to when I'm older. Like, flying on an airplane, alone. This is one of the experiences that happened when I was young that will help me be more independent when I am older. 

'Madeline Brielmaier' is the name that the flight attendant had on a sign when I walked in the airport. "That's me.", I said while rolling along my suitcase and my carry-on. I was flying back from Fort Walton, to Atlanta,  then to Milwaukee. I was on vacation with my aunt and cousins and I was flying home early for a volleyball tournament. Till this day I still don’t know why my parents let me fly home alone at the age of eleven, but it was something we all wanted me to do because the team needed me.

My first flight was delayed 2 hours because of a storm that was going over the south. I thought I wasn’t going to make it out of there. And I had reserved seating since I was a minor and I believed that would all get screwed up if they put me on another flight. “Were going to get you on a plane home, Madeline.”, the flight attendant said as she walked up to the crowd of people yelling at the man behind the counter, trying to figure this all out. She comes back about 5 minutes later and says “Follow me.”, with a smile on her face.

I finally got on a small plane that was going to Atlanta, GA. The biggest airport in the United States mind you not. I was really scared to be in there! The lady on the flight next to me asked me where I was going.  “Waukesha, WI”, I said as I look up at the woman. “Are you serious? I’m going there too!” she says with her jaw open. What are the odds? We were just talking for the rest of the flight about where we were from and where we are going. When my flight was over we said goodbye and the flight attendant took me off the plane and onto a golf cart.

Don’t you hate that feeling when you’re in an airport after a long day of traveling and you see that one person that gets to go in the golf cart that passes you by? Yes, that was me. To me that was the best part of that day. Riding around in a golf cart, picking up and dropping off people at different terminals was really fun! Remember, I was 11. It was a big deal.  When I was dropped off at my terminal it said “MILWAUKEE, WI DELTA AIRLINES” and all I thought about was, ‘Yes. I am going home. FINALLY!’ And I haven’t seen my immediate family in about 2 weeks and hey, I’ve got to say, I was homesick.

I was escorted by the pilot onto the plane and I was the first and last one on it. As I get to my seat it was about, 30 minutes till people started getting on. After about 10 minutes the airplane was packed! The last seat open was a spot next to me and in my mind I’m thinking “YES! I can sleep!”, but just as that thought raced through my mind. This big, scary man says “Excuse me.”, in a very harsh tone. Dang, I could have had it. The rest of the flight I was wrapped up into a blanket completely terrified of this man that was right next to me. At last, the plane comes to a stop. Everyone got out but me and I was escorted out of the plane and through the airport. I just wanted to run through it because it was about midnight and I knew my mom was on the other side of security. A lady in a suit coat takes my luggage and escorts me to my mom. I run up and give her a huge hug. I was even tearing up a bit but, I was so happy to see her. She took me home and I was reunited with my family once again.

Flying by myself was definitely an exciting journey and I really did enjoy it. It helped me be more confident when talking to people and helped be gain more independence as in individual. Also, it helped me realize that my parents and I will go to any extent to get me to a volleyball tournament. Oh, and one last thing. We won our volleyball tournament.

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