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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All He Ever Wanted Was To Be Loved......

Author’s Note: This story explains the feelings of a young boy who is abused and isn’t shown love from his mother. His father tries to stop her but it’s already too late...... I know I can make a long paper on this subject with more detail and description but, I wanted to make this one shorter. It is a heart-filled piece that I completely wrote from a different person's point of view and none from personal experience. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
            “PAPA!”,”PAPA!”, I screamed as my mother pulled me away from his arms. “MAMA DON’T, PLEASE!”, I begged while her grip on my arm was so tight, I swear it was cutting my skin.
“SHUT UP!”, she screamed as she slapped me right across my face so hard that her print was on my cheek.
“CARROL! Please don’t do this! Please!”, my papa yelled as he started coming towards me. Mama looked to her right and saw a kitchen knife on the counter. As my father tried to help me up, my mother stabbed him in the back and he fell next to me.
“PAPA!”, I screamed as I tried to be by his side but, my mother picked me up by my arm and started to the door.

All my papa wanted to do was help me. Mama hurt me, she kicked me. She hurt him to and he couldn’t stop her. She was always drinking and swearing right at me.  All my papa wanted was for me to feel loved.
        I was barley conscious when I was thrown into the back seat of the car. As I lay on the ground I hear the engine start and my mother raced out of there. I didn’t say a word because I didn’t want to feel more pain. She was swerving and speeding, I knew she was drunk. I knew it. It was a snowy winter evening and most of the roads were blocked off because of the blizzard and all of the ice it left. All I did was sit and pray, pray that my papa would be alright, that my family would be safe. Next thing I know she is shouting at me. Telling me that I am the reason her life is like this. Telling me that I’m the reason she is drinking. That I am the reason she had to leave my father.
        I look up and all I see is a flash of light blocking my vision. I knew my mama wasn’t looking at the road but, I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t speak. My life was flashing before my eyes and all I could do was let it. My body stayed, but my soul rose. It rose to God.

Adam Mercer
“May He always Be In
The Arms Of God”

Here Lies Next To His Son

William Mercer
“May God Save His Soul
And Let Him Rest In Peace.”

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