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Friday, December 21, 2012

Learning To Be Brave.

Author's Note: Taking a stand, being brave. Some of us may be capable of standing up for what's right and some of us might live in the shadows. In The Hunger Games , Katniss shows this quality and many more. This is my theme essay. Enjoy. 

Imagine this, you are placed in an arena with 23 other people who are trying to kill you and you need to make it out alive. Wouldn’t we all show a little bravery? A little independence? In the book, The Hunger Games by: Suzanne Collins, Katniss shows everyone her courage as she steps up and takes the place of her sister in a life threatening situation. The real themes of this book include bravery, courage, and also trust through what the author does within the book.

The courage and the nerve of Katniss Everdeen is extraordinary. She is willing to die for her sister and make sure she doesn’t get hurt. Even before the Hunger Games happens, Katniss provides for her sister and mom after their father dies. That to me just shows her courage, willing to step up to any extent to protect her family. Life has been so hard for her but she still manages to put others before. In another book, Harry Potter: Sorcerers Stone , Lily and James Potter both die to save their son, Harry, from the evil Lord Voldemort. In both books, the characters show their courage and how much they love their families.

Katniss’ family wasn’t the only thing she was trying to fight for  while being in the hunger games. Their capital/ government was so cruel to the people who live in the country or districts if you will. Sixteen year old Katniss wanted to stand up to them. A young, 16 year old girl standing up to the almighty, powerful government? Doesn’t seem too likely but, with Katniss’ bravery, she makes herself visible to them. She stuck up to the capital, to the people of Panem. She twisted the rules of the hunger games to trick the capital. Katniss is a person who has this aggressive urge to always do the right thing. This urge is demonstrated through her actions and passions. During the hunger games, you are not allowed to wear pins or jewelry. In Katniss’ wardrobe, she wears with pride a mockingjay pin that symbolises her district and to all whom she respects. Her bravery and ambition allows her to be her own person and represent her district with pride. The district 12 is all full of mulligrubs. Their spirits are low and their faith in their district is lower. Katniss gives them a new sense of passion, a new sense of hope in her during the hunger games.

Her trust in others lead to her passion and greatness. Whom can you trust when you are alone in the hunger games? Katniss had to find allies and place her trust in others. Rue and Peeta were her biggest allies. Peeta was also from her district and had sneaky ways of helping Katniss. Rue was a young contestant who reminds Katniss of Prim. She trusted them with everything and they trusted her right back. Katniss’ trust in them was a crucial way that she learned to survive so she could return home and help Prim; her younger sister, survive as well.

Now, I can never say I’ve been in a arena with 23 other kids who are trying to kill me but one volleyball tournament was similar for trust. During the last volleyball game of the club season, we were playing a 15’s team as a 13’s team in Illinois. I was the team captain and my friend Macy was the co-captain. After a hard 2 games it all came up to the 3rd to determine the champions. We needed to win, but I was out in this rotation so I had to put all of my trust in Macy to keep the team alive. She knew was she had to do and we came out on top. This relates to Katniss putting her trust in Peeta in the hunger games. Katniss knew he would be there for her as she placed her trust in him and allowed him to help her.

Katniss had an huge load of courage with all of the struggles she has to face. She faces them head on and takes pride in representing all in her district but most especially, her family. Katniss represents the main themes in this book; courage, bravery, and trust. She never loses hope in herself and that just allows her to keep moving forward.

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