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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are you proud of your country? - Patriots Pen Essay

 Authors Note: This piece was written to show how much this country means to me and all the great things that it has to offer. Shows my patriotism and pride.

Am I proud of my country? I am so greatly proud of this country and so very proud that I live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Why shouldn’t I be proud? I am proud to call America my homeland where I have freedom. Freedom, which is the key word. America is a free country.

 We do have the freedom of speech as well but some Americans don’t use that power for good. I turn on the news and I see grown men in suits, yelling at each other because they think and know that they are right within political debates. I know they are fighting for what they believe and I support that 100% but, there isn’t a need to argue. We need to respect each other, and each-other's opinions. I am very proud of my country within what we have done to make it a free country and I'm  proud to live in America.

We as a country all need to stick together, hand in hand. Within us having troops in Iraq we need to protect the men and women putting their lives on the line so we can go sleep at night knowing that we are safe.  They are making sure no other terror like 9/11 happens again. That day was a wake-up call that America answered. True heroes came out of the shadows that day. We all worked together to make it through that tragic time and remember that we are a country in God’s name. That’s what America is. America is everyone working together to help each other out in God’s name. That is truly amazing and having said that I know why I'm proud of my country. I am proud because we work together to make that flag fly over our heads, for children to have bright futures, for us Americans to have food and shelter, and  for us to live as one, united in God’s name.  

I am proud to live in America, our free country. As a country we stick together in the amazing times as well as the tragic times. We all support each other to make dreams come true, and legions be born. That’s what America is. And that’s why I’m ever so proud of America.

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